Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam is a community built on innovative ideas, a depth of experience, broad research and forward thinking.

This campus is set up to successfully navigate the energy transition. Together with Shell, start-ups, scale-ups, research institutes, academia and mature companies have the opportunity to collaborate and innovate to develop solutions for the energy transition.


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With a priority need for investment, a workspace, talented staff, customers, knowledge, expertise and mentoring, Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam enables clean tech entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and accelerate energy solutions.

Providing the opportunity to develop innovations that anticipate tomorrow’s challenges, the tools to find innovative technology solutions for new value chains and affordable access to world-class higher technical readiness level laboratory facilities. Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam works as a platform for scaling and access to customers and investors.

Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam will be the place to become part of a common purpose ecosystem to co-develop more and cleaner energy solutions.

Research institutes/Academia

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With a desire to have more time for deep thinking and research, Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam provides the opportunity to concentrate on translating deep thinking and research into commercial viability and real societal impact.

Looking for the freedom to explore new ideas, a network of excellence to gain insights from or the ability to work with industry leaders? Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam offers a collaborative environment working on funded programs for the benefit of society and affordable access to world class facilities and expertise where you can work on problems that matter and where the next generation of scientists can grow, learn, discover and prosper.

Access to a broad network of science and technology experts frees up more time to contribute to projects that have a lasting legacy, with real world impact.

Mature companies

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Taking a business to the next level, scaling up commercially but keeping costs low, accessing growth markets but not being held back by bigger companies, protecting intellectual property but needing access to innovative technology to develop it; these are challenges that mature companies face daily.

Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam empowers companies to unlock value together through technology collaboration, work on impactful innovation that anticipates today's and tomorrow’s challenges with urgency and provides affordable access to world class facilities and industry expertise.

Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam makes collaborative growth viable, simple and cost efficient to achieve the common goal of advancing commercial energy solutions through trusted and complementary partnerships.


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