Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam is a community built on innovative ideas, a depth of experience, broad research and forward thinking.

This campus is set up to successfully navigate the energy transition. Together with Shell, start-ups, scale-ups, research institutes, academia and mature companies have the opportunity to collaborate and innovate to develop solutions for the energy transition.

Current ETCA Members

  • logo  Accenture


    “Collaboration will be critical to solve sustainability challenges across value chains, and will be a key driver for innovation – enabling new products and services, new business models, and new growth opportunities. Accenture is uniquely positioned to make this happen, through our deep understanding of the intersection of digital and sustainability and the way we work with ecosystem partners to drive transformation at scale”

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  • logo  Alliander


    “Alliander has a clear vision on how to build and maintain a resilient energy grid in the context of the Energy Transition, making use of distributed assets to create connected local energy systems.”

    “We have set ourselves clear goals – incorporating the opportunities that digitalization and innovation offer to the industry - and openly collaborate with other parties to develop solutions that enable Alliander to continue to provide affordable and reliable grid infrastructure, enabling the transition to sustainable energy. ETCA provides an excellent framework to nourish that open collaboration”

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  • Apara Solutions logo

    Apara Solutions

    "Our vision is to be the leading provider of high-quality engineering services and solutions. Apara is a leader in electrical engineering services, and a trusted and reliable supplier of specialty services focused on energy transition."

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  • logo CarbonSpace


    Carbon footprint monitoring is challenging when accounting for emissions from farms, fields, or forests. Companies in agriculture, food processing, forestry, and wood products still lack instruments to measure the footprint of their operations and supply chains. That’s where CarbonSpace comes in and offers a carbon footprint monitoring platform to bring a new level of transparency to these organizations.

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  • logo

    “Shell has been partnering with C3 AI since 2018. We chose C3 AI because C3 AI is a leading enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation. Since 2018, Shell has scaled our predictive maintenance program, powered by C3 AI technology, to monitor and maintain more than 10,000 pieces of equipment in upstream, manufacturing, and integrated gas assets across the global asset base — one of the largest such deployments in the energy industry. And we are not going to stop here. Shell and C3 AI are expanding our cooperation in the areas of Sustainability and ESG to accurately report ESG performance and to reduce emissions. Combining innovation brain powers from our companies under one roof in ETCA will further accelerate our journey towards the energy transition.”

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  • logo  Corvus


    “Corvus Energy is the leading supplier of zero emission solutions for the ocean space.

    Corvus Energy is committed to continuously optimize our portfolio and as well to develop elements to push the green transition.”

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  • logo  Databricks


    "Databricks is the data and AI company and pioneer of the data lake-house.

    Founded in 2013 by seven researchers at the University of California Berkeley with a strong engineering footprint here in Amsterdam, the company helps customers like Shell accelerate the energy transition and solve some of the world’s toughest energy challenges with data and AI."

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  • Deeptech Equity NL logo

    Deeptech Equity NL

    "Deeptech Equity NL contributes to a sustainable future by investing in a green and digital Dutch industry, with a focus on the necessary energy, food and health transitions. To achieve this, they search and select companies in the Deep Tech industry that are looking for growth capital. Deeptech Equity NL will finance and guide these companies towards an IPO."

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  • logo

    "For nature, the sun has always been the largest energy supplier. It is our cleanest and most accessible resource. We are working hard to make solar energy available to everyone. We are grasping the challenges of the energy transition with both hands so that we can all enjoy cheap, climate-neutral and decentralized energy as soon as possible."

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  • EUTO Energy logo

    EUTO Energy

    "We are developing hardware and software solutions in order to make the electricity grids ready for a rapid and effective energy transition. We know that the impact of our solutions in the global market will be much more valuable as a result of potential collaborations with other ETCA members."

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  • logo  Finno


    "Finno Exergy is an energy technology company focusing on the global green transition. Finno Exergy’s Pressure Gain Combustion system has been developed to make the best use of carbon neutral fuels in gas turbines applications.
    This unique retrofitting solution will reduce fuel consumption and will enable the transition to carbon neutrality in the hard to decarbonize sectors
    Finno exergy has won the New Energy Challenge 2020, and since then is part of Shell Game Changer program.
    In the next phase of the collaboration with Shell, Finno Exergy will test its combustion technology in ETCA with blends of green hydrogen and methane. "

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  • GBM Works logo

    GBM Works

    "GBM Works mission is to contribute to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by offering innovative solutions for energy production infrastructure of the future, starting with energy production at sea."

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  • logo  IPSS


    “IPSS Engineering will support all members within the ETCA with their high-level experience in the renewable energy“.

    “Together we'll solve the world’s biggest energy challenges through collaboration and technological innovation within the ETCA”

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  • logo  Kongsberg


    "Kongsberg Digital is an Industrial Software company supporting the widescale digitalization of the Energy industry. Their digital twin product Kognitwin is shaping the future of work for a better industrial tomorrow.

    Kogntiwin is an Industrial Worksurface that provides a realistic and safe environment to experiment, quickly innovate and to push the envelope of what is possible in the energy transition space. It will be the digital playground (or the industrial metaverse) for ETCA to unify, test and iterate around new ideas, concepts and ways of working.”

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  • logo radix

    Radix Engineering & Software

    Radix helps clients revolutionize their approach to engineering problems using digital technologies. The key opportunities they see in the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam, is to jointly drive net-zero offshore production, convert existing facilities to green hydrogen and accelerate the journey to autonomous operations.

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  • logo  Shell


    "Shell employees in Amsterdam have been working together on innovation and development for over a hundred years. The urgency of the energy transition asks for collaboration. We have opened our doors so institutes, universities, companies, start-ups, scale-ups can work together in ETCA to find innovative solutions for the energy transition."

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  • logo  Shell Recharge Solutions

    Shell Recharge Solutions

    “Shell Recharge is the One ecosystem for your charging needs. From hardware to software, Shell Recharge Solutions offers integrated solutions for charging at home, at work and on-the-go, and is keen to collaborate with other ETCA members to electrify transportation.”

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  • Streamba logo


    "Our mission is to empower operational experts to bring carbon neutrality and automated resilience to global logistics supply chains from traditional heavy industry to emerging carbon-neutral fuels. ETCA for us is a great accelerant to getting started and gives us direct access to organizations that can help us create the demand and connect the supply of green hydrogen into the supply chain."

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  • logo  Technip

    Technip Energies

    "Technip Energies and Shell are strengthening their alliance to achieve affordable carbon capture around the Cansolv technology. The 2 teams will co-locate into the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam to achieve technology improvements, engineering improvements and align our marketing to customers. Collaborating with other members in ETCA will enable us jointly to resolve complexity, to overcome challenges, and foster a sustainable ecosystem for industry and the planet."

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  • logo  Universiteit Utrecht

    Universiteit Utrecht

    "The Weckhuysen group of Utrecht University is the frontrunner of the development of advanced (operando) spectroscopic methods that are essential to rationally design the catalyst required for the energy transition of our time. The group’s tremendous knowledge on the use of these techniques and the studied industrially relevant chemical reactions, such as CO2-hydrogenation or dry reforming of methane, will be an important building block of ETCA to accelerate the transformation of industry towards green technologies."

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  • WBCSD logo


    "WBCSD is the premier global, CEO-led community of over 200 of the world’s leading sustainable businesses working collectively to accelerate the system transformations needed for a net-zero, nature positive, and more equitable future."

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  • logo  Yokogawa


    “Yokogawa has been closely working together with Shell in the Oil & Gas Industry for over 30 years to bring value by collaboration & co-innovation.

    As Shell breaks new ground forging a path in the Energy Transition by establishing and facilitating the ETCA as a community , it gives Yokogawa great pleasure to join this effort and be part of the ETCA. This collaboration space will allow Yokogawa to expand our relationships and expertise, to help the energy transition with all campus participants and our customers. Through this collaboration, Yokogawa is expecting to contribute to opportunities to develop valued solutions in the Clean Energy supply chain to achieve Net Zero emission in 2050 as our global sustainability goal”

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With a priority need for investment, a workspace, talented staff, customers, knowledge, expertise and mentoring, Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam enables clean tech entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and accelerate energy solutions.

Providing the opportunity to develop innovations that anticipate tomorrow’s challenges, the tools to find innovative technology solutions for new value chains and affordable access to world-class higher technical readiness level laboratory facilities. Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam works as a platform for scaling and access to customers and investors.

Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam will be the place to become part of a common purpose ecosystem to co-develop more and cleaner energy solutions.

Research institutes/Academia

Two women working in Lab

With a desire to have more time for deep thinking and research, Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam provides the opportunity to concentrate on translating deep thinking and research into commercial viability and real societal impact.

Looking for the freedom to explore new ideas, a network of excellence to gain insights from or the ability to work with industry leaders? Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam offers a collaborative environment working on funded programs for the benefit of society and affordable access to world class facilities and expertise where you can work on problems that matter and where the next generation of scientists can grow, learn, discover and prosper.

Access to a broad network of science and technology experts frees up more time to contribute to projects that have a lasting legacy, with real world impact.

Mature companies

Two men in business discussion

Taking a business to the next level, scaling up commercially but keeping costs low, accessing growth markets but not being held back by bigger companies, protecting intellectual property but needing access to innovative technology to develop it; these are challenges that mature companies face daily.

Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam empowers companies to unlock value together through technology collaboration, work on impactful innovation that anticipates today's and tomorrow’s challenges with urgency and provides affordable access to world class facilities and industry expertise.

Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam makes collaborative growth viable, simple and cost efficient to achieve the common goal of advancing commercial energy solutions through trusted and complementary partnerships.


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