Our mission is to solve the world’s biggest energy challenges through collaboration and technological innovation.

Who are we?

A vibrant, open campus, in the heart of Europe, where great minds come together to tackle the world's biggest energy challenges.

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Our pathway to success

Success is solving the challenges of today and enabling the world to thrive through the energy transition.

Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam strives to be the catalyst, glue and platform that encourages individual companies to want to work on common themes.

By providing a vibrant and secure environment that promotes productive effort in a culture of care for people and quality facilities and amenities, Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam offers a great work environment where people can be at their best and where talent and skill is attracted, retained and developed.

Everyone in the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam community has a clear purpose or ‘North Star’, the energy transition, around which Shell and future partners can align with the sense of collaboration and inclusion strengthened through regular informal exhibitions, symposiums and community updates.

Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam sets the bar for multi tenanted, collaborative innovation with a commitment to enable the energy transition.



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What we offer

As a world-class leading technology and research platform in both Amsterdam and in the Shell portfolio, Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam has a number of characteristics and capacity capabilities that allow partners to access the opportunity to work with each other to develop energy transition themes.

With 1,300 test installations and test setups mostly designed, built and maintained in-house, Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam is unique but it doesn’t stop there.

With mature levels of technologies represented by a high TRL (technical readiness level); where many facilities at a national and EU level enable start-ups to work at very early levels of technology and research, when it comes to industrial scaling, there are very few facilities that offer the same opportunity that Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam does; creating and curating an innovation platform that allows various market sectors to come together in a place of thought leadership, technology and technical capability.

This world class collaboration of start-ups, research institutes and mature companies creates a boiling pot of skill, knowledge and experience working on platforms, products and innovations for energy transition. Intellectual Property rights and other ownership rights stay with our partners unless we jointly choose to collaborate and mutually agree how licensing will be developed and owned otherwise.

Industrial scaling, higher TRL, systems integration and location, are the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam differentiators setting it apart from other business models.


We want to be recognised for:

  • Identifying and unlocking new value streams/value chains for the future

  • Industry’s brightest minds collaborating for the common goal

  • Thought leadership and developing technology solutions in sustainable energy and materials

  • Rich partnerships, integrated solutions, long lasting legacy projects